10/16/14: Butler Newsroom “In This Program, Young Writers Find Their Voice” by Sarvary Koller

9/9/14: Indiana Authors Award Blog “Writing in the Schools” guest post by Chris Speckman

4/18/13: Sky Blue Window “Young Poets Speak Out” by Evie Schultz

3/27/13: Butler University “Bologna and Blogs: A Student’s Journey Towards Actualizing The Purpose of His Higher Education” by Andrew Erlandson (Winner of the 2013-14 Kristi Schultz Broughton Liberal Arts Essay Contest)

7/18/12: Butler Newsroom “Shortridge Writers Publish Magazine, ‘Exclusive Ink’”

2/22/12: The Butler Collegian “Writers Engaging Writers” by Sara Pruzin

2/16/12: Butler Newsroom “Jefferson Award Honors Butler-Shortridge Writing Program”

10/20/11: The Indianapolis Star “They’re getting on the write track” by Alyssa Karas


“Writing in the Schools for WTBU News” produced by Evie Schultz

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“WITS Documentary” produced by Bob Barrick

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“EN 455 Promo” produced by Chris Speckman

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