During this semester, I have struggled with understanding why so many teachers leave the school or do not take the time to really get to know the students who have so much potential and drive within them. As the Butler Writers program came to an end, I felt I even contributed to the problem of inconsistency among adults within the IPS. I made connections and really started to understand the students on a personal level in which I can start to change their outlook on English. I felt that the prompts and readings exposed a different side of literature and writing pieces to the students that opened their eyes. They were beginning to see that they could enjoy and produce work that is valuable to themselves and others around them.

I want to continue to expose the students to great pieces of writing and prompts to continue their writing. I sometimes feel as though having consistency with positive affirmation is just as important for a lot of students. They want to know that their writing is good or that people enjoy it. They want to feel that they have value to their community. I think the Butler Writers programs always them to see how valuable each other our through writing. However, I do not want this to end. I want to continue to build a strong community their through Butler Writers, and though I think it is important to simply continue the Butler Writers program, I also think it is just as important for the mentors to continue to care and show the Broad Ripple students how important they are in our lives by giving feedback on their writing or learning more about their life.

I hope that the Butler mentors continue to be a part of the students lives because I think the students need to see consistency in order to see that people care and have people to look up to that won’t leave their life. School should be a place of consistency when everything else in life isn’t. I hope these students have teachers that inspire them to continue learning, just as I hope we have inspired them to do the same.

Emily Wiland is a post-graduate student in the College of Education.