The writing is heating up at Shortridge, but the weather just doesn’t seem to want to keep up. The students these past few weeks have delved into some deep poems and extremely creative stories. From the writing-and-guessing game “Two Truths and a Lie” to writing “How To…” poems and guides, the students have branched out of their shells and moved into complex works.

It’s fun to see the confidence of the students grow in their abilities to write… here’s some excerpts from some veteran and rookie writers.

The Lies I Tell” by Emily
Money Line: I can help everyone & stop pain in its tracks. 
I can save the world & be remembered for something great.

Just Fine” by Paula
Money Line: This time/ 
I’m gonna be just fine
/ felt like the end of the world.
Turns out/ 
it was the start of a new life.

Untitled” by Eric S.
Money Line: Fans do not blow air/ 
Heaters don’t give heat/ Stories do not give…something

How To Listen” by Kyla
Money Line: Hear the finch’s symphonies he reinvents Mozart.

Don’t Cut, Cut This” by Jammonica
Money Line: And I’ll write you a letter.
 And I would say, darling, you’re okay. 
I smile when you smile. The whole room 
lights up. Turn that smile upside. 

Spell Trap” by Jaymison
Money Line: Equality/Not ever hearing the word that you/ 
are unique, 
just hearing you are all the same/ 
You’ll never be different.