Time to introduce a new mentor blogger. Everyone say hey to the newest voice that will be contributing to the website as a member of the BU mentor team at Exclusive Ink. Meet Hayley, a junior at Butler majoring in History and English Literature:

There have been some big shoes to fill this semester at Shortridge. As the Butler mentors nervously stood in the corner like we were back in High School, the emotions of the students flooding into the classroom ranged from excitement to sadness as they searched for the faces of their favorite mentors from last year.
Sadly, many of them have either graduated or have had their schedules change. Thankfully, though, the students’ passion and enthusiasm for writing and generally hanging out allowed for some fast friendships to develop with the new Butler mentors. The consensus among the new mentors is that the members of Exclusive Ink really have become our friends.

I guess this is the part where I say something I’ve learned from my first few weeks of being a new Butler mentor. Lesson number one of working with the students? We are totally equal with them. From day one, it was easy to know that the Butler Mentors could learn just as much from the students’ creative strategies. As cliche as it sounds, they’re the ones teaching us to write. I’m confident that this class will become one of the most important learning experiences for me as a mentor and student.

Contributed by Hayley