doug and curtis 2As we near the midpoint of the semester, it’s becoming pretty clear that we will have some tough choices to make at the end of the year – choices for which pieces to publish in the second edition of Exclusive Ink, that is. In my second semester with the program, I have seen marked improvement in a lot of student work. It never ceases to amaze me just how thoughtful, heartfelt, and downright stunning the student work is. What’s even more astounding is the fact that these students are consistently pumping out high quality poems in such a short amount of time with us each session.

Here are some of the latest poems and stories with some quality money lines.

“The Unknown” by Jammonica
Money Line: Music is the sunshine when hail falls to the ground. And cheating death is different than writing songs on a piece of paper.

“Pyronormal Vanishtivity” by Kyla
Money Line: So he pulled out and drove along the road once more. Isabelle tensed as the sound of police sirens caught the drift of the wind. Fog blinded the windshield as darkness sunk in on the chariot couple.

“I Can See Through You” by Curtis
Money Line: I may not have the blessing of sight like most people do. / But when it comes to personality, I can see through all of you. / You think that I’m helpless because I don’t have one of my senses. / I lost one of my senses, not my common sense.

“Steel and Stone Childhood” by Eric
Money Line: The lack of working man’s fragrance / Leaving a woman to bring home the bacon / With a child bathed in hatred / To run amok in a fathers absence / To only to come back after imprisonment / To train the child to channel hate into poetic sentences

“Mr. Aristotle’s Class of 7” by Isiah
Money Line: When I rule the world, / nothing is going to change, / not in the slightest bit, / because humanity is doomed to repeat history.

Contributed by Luke Wortley