Every day at Shortridge offers a new opportunity to interact with students in different ways, and a vital cog in our program’s engine is sandwich-making. Yeah, sandwiches. They serve as the focal point for conversation for the first few arrivals and are a constant hangout spot for many of our writers who need a little brain food.

One of our most valued volunteers, senior English major Andrew Erlandson, was able to capture the significance of these bologna and cheese sandwiches in his essay “Bologna and Blogs: A Student’s Journey Towards Actualizing The Purpose of His Higher Education”. His reflection on food for thought at Shortridge took top honors in the Kristi Schultz Broughton Liberal Arts Essay Contest, which “offers students the chance to reflect on the value of a liberal arts education.”

To read the full text version of the essay online, click here.

In his essay, Andrew writes of EN 455 and the Writing in the School’s project: “Unlike other collegiate classes, this one wasn’t an opportunity to learn so much as an opportunity to act in the world.”

Andrew goes on to say that his time at Butler, more specifically his involvement in the liberal arts, has given him “…the clarity to live a deliberate life.” I feel like this quote is particularly important for our mission at Shortridge. Our goal is not to just be writing tutors or homework help; we want to be mentors and provide some of that clarity for the students we work with. We are cognizant of that every time we walk through the front doors. Andrew’s essay definitely serves as an affirmation of the impact the program is having on our students and our mentors alike.

Contributed by Luke Wortley