On the last day of our Fall semester, our full complement of Shortridge writers joined us for hot Takis and camaraderie. Though it may have been in part a byproduct of the deserts, the room was positively abuzz with excitement about the forthcoming print debut of Reverberations, a new literary journal for the school with a name that pays homage to Shortridge’s legendary Daily Echo newspaper.

The students read their best work from the first-half of the school year, highlighting several poems and stories that have already been published digitally on the Reverberations blog. We’re thrilled to soon begin the process of curating work from the website, with the goal of distributing the print journal before the Butler Writers break for summer at the end of April.

Special credit is due to our graduate assistants, Natalie Tombasco and Anthony Borruso, our faculty sponsor, Michael Gawdzik, and the rest of the Shortridge faculty and administrations (including Principal O’Day) for making us feel so welcome since we returned last spring.

Enjoy a few photos of our writers in action…