We celebrated our second annual Exclusive Ink Holiday Party on Thursday, Dec. 6. Per tradition, the gathering commenced with food and smiles, as (from left) Lexie, Michelle, Darlene, Whitney, and Elizabeth can attest.

Paula, Vivian, and Benji grub up and give the thumbs up. Kudos to the trio for delivering strong readings of their best work after chowing down.

A.J. and Rashad bond over hot cheetos, which, by a show of plates, were voted Exclusive Ink’s No. 1 favorite snack by a wide margin.

Like last December, all of our Exclusive Ink students received books from the Butler Writers. Here, Zuri unwraps Tupac Shakur’s The Rose That Grew From Concrete, much to her delight.

The new Exclusive Ink Fall 2012 group photo, a merry snapshot that would certainly look great on a holiday card or up on the wall in Room 237. Big thanks to everyone, Shortridge students and Butler tutors alike, for another wonderful semester.

Photos by Michelle Trainor and Susan Sutherlin