CCOM Pawcast

CCOM Pawcast

The CCOM Pawcast is a podcast hosted by Dean of the College of Communication (CCOM), Joe Valenzano. It was created to provide an additional touchpoint to CCOM and the success of individuals in our expansive community. We’re excited to celebrate experiences and authentic stories with current and prospective students, their parents, our faculty and staff, the engaged CCOM alumni network throughout the country, and the Butler University at large.

A special thank you to Amy Ulrich ’98 for her collaboration and contribution of a professional intro and close to our episodes. Visit to learn more about Amy’s voiceover career—just another example of our amazing alumni. We would also like to thank Mark Harris ’06 for his role in audio engineering, and Phil Eichacker for his expertise in helping legitimize this property. #GoDawgs

There will be at least one CCOM Pawcast episode per month with some occasional bonus episodes.

Ep. 10 – Mohsin Waraich ’20 talks life in sports marketing, his Muslim experience at Butler, and more (Posted Wednesday, Dec. 20, 2023

Chicagoland native Mohsin Waraich ’20, major in sports media and minors in religion, and business, joined Dean Joe Valenzano for a last-minute episode of the CCOM Pawcast.

Enjoy Mohsin’s take on his Butler experience and how he continues to find success in his burgeoning sports marketing career.

Ep. 9 – Prof. Ann Bilodeau on Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences and her Faculty In Residence Experience (Posted Wednesday, Dec. 20, 2023)

Prof. Ann Bilodeau, representing the Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences (SLHS) department and clinical experience, joins Dean Joe Valenzano to discuss her roles in the classroom and as a Faculty In Residence at Butler University.

Learn more about the value of our amazing SLHS undergraduate program, Ann’s cat Oreo, and find out how she handles the “Dean’s List” speed round.

Ep. 8 – Dean Joe Valenzano and Ross Hollebon discuss the NCA Conference and a DC Alumni Event (Posted Tuesday, Nov. 21, 2023)

Ross Hollebon, marketing & recruitment manager of CCOM, joins host Dean Joe Valenzano to discuss their trip to Washington, D.C., for the National Communication Association Conference and a Butler Alumni Event.

They celebrate conference presenters from Butler CCOM including Prof. Janis Crawford, Dr. Rong Ma, and Dr. Kristin Swenson. Joe and Ross also share the fun they had with Butler alumni at a men’s basketball watch party on Friday evening.

Ep. 7 – Abby Kom ’24 discussing her TEDx Talk, Speech & Debate, and her love of Butler (Posted Tuesday, November 7, 2023)

CCOM Dean Joe Valenzano welcomes senior Abby Kom to the 050 Studio in Fairbanks Center for this early November episode of the CCOM Pawcast.

Abby recently presented “Called aggressive? Me too,” at TEDx Danville (Ky.), and is a dual major in Organizational Communications & Music. She is the president of the Butler Speech & Debate team and has completed multiple internships in Indianapolis. A native Minnesotan, she trekked down to Indy for the close community of a mid-sized campus that has allowed her numerous opportunities to grow and thrive.

Ep. 6 – Butler CCOM Alumni Panel – Homecoming 2023 (Posted Thursday, November 2, 2023)

Corey McPherrin ’77 hosts an all-star lineup of CCOM alumni who are making their mark on our communication world. Jen Christensen ’94, Patricia Mays ’93, and Steve Key ’77 continue to give back to Butler and CCOM through their time, effort, and eagerness to mentor Bulldogs looking to make their name in journalism, broadcasting, and communication leadership.

Listen to their stories of how they ended up at Butler, where they’ve gone since (CNN, ESPN, and more), and why they’re excited about the future of their alma mater.

Go Dawgs!

Ep. 5 – Guest: Barry G. Hohlfelder ’66 with Guest Host Corey McPherrin ’77Homecoming 2023 (Posted Wednesday, November 1, 2023)

The third of four special Homecoming 2023 episodes allows a spotlight to be shined on the wonderful Barry G. Hohlfelder ’66. He joins guest host Corey McPherrin ’77 to talk about his love for Butler, his early days of broadcasting with WAJC, and who mentored him into understanding his voice might not have been the right one for radio.

Hohlfelder won the Katharine Merrill Graydon Alumni Service Award in 2015. It recognizes a long-term commitment of outstanding service to Butler University. The recipients have provided affirmative service to the University to assist in perpetuating the University as a great educational and cultural institution.

Ep. 4 – Guest: Jacqueline Eckhardt ’13 – Homecoming 2023 (Posted Tuesday, October 31, 2023)

The second of four Homecoming 2023 episodes, host Dean Joe Valenzano welcomes Jacqueline Eckhardt ’13 to the CCOM Pawcast and geets to help celebrate her 2023 Alumni Award. On Friday night of Homecoming weekend Eckhardt was presented with the Joseph Irwin Sweeney Alumni Service Award, recognizing a recent alumnus who has demonstrated a significant commitment of outstanding service to the University.

They discuss Eckhardt’s memories of her time at Butler, the special role Prof. Bob Schultz has played during and after her graduation, and there’s another round of the “Dean’s List.” So hit play and enjoy. Go Dawgs!

Ep. 3 – Guest: Amy Ulrich ’98 with Guest Host Corey McPherrin ’77 – Homecoming 2023 (Posted Monday, October 30, 2023)

One of four Homecoming 2023 episodes, Corey McPherrin ’77 guest hosts this discussion with Amy Ulrich ’98, welcoming her back to campus from her home in Los Angeles. They discuss Amy’s career as voice talent, her path starting at Butler—not knowing she would be a voice actor in the future—and the positive vibe that Homecoming and Butler provide for alumni coming back to campus.

Learn more about Amy’s career at

Go Dawgs!

Ep. 2 – Guests: Alison Miccolis and Eva Hallman – The Butler Collegian (Posted Wednesday, October 11, 2023)

In episode 2 of the CCOM Pawcast, host Dean Joe Valenzano is joined by two leaders of The Butler Collegian, the student-run University newspaper. Alison Miccolis ’24, editor-in-chief, is a senior journalism and German double major, and Eva Hallman ’26, multimedia editor, is a sophomore journalism major with a minor in strategic communication.

They talk about their Butler experience and their path to choosing the school, the future of The Collegian, and some of their biggest mentors on campus. And they both take part in “The Dean’s List” speed round.

A special thank you to CCOM students Elizabeth Dixon ’25 and Chas Hall ’25 for their audio engineering and positive energy in making this episode happen.

Ep. 1 – Guest: Provost Brooke Barnett (Posted Saturday, September 16, 2023)

Listen to Ep. 1 of the CCOM Pawcast. Provost Brooke Barnett joins Dean Valenzano as our inaugural guest and discusses where Butler currently stands in the higher ed landscape, explains her role as Provost of Butler University, describes her affinity for The Farm at Butler, and braves the “Dean’s List” speed round.