It is a common misconception that freedom has a single definition. We encounter different types of freedom every single day. For example, you have the freedom to choose what you want to do with with your afternoon, and you have the freedom to petition the government. We must also consider how freedom differs around the world. Not everyone has the same rights as we do in the United States and often times an individuals freedom may be oppressed due to where they live. How do these different freedoms affect our lives?

This website explores our different paths  of freedom and puts them into conversation with each other. Each tab will answer 3 simple questions.

  1. Why is this path to freedom important?
  2. Who is against this path to freedom?
  3. What is gained by the everyday person through this freedom?

Through this website you will learn of few of the many paths to freedom and how they change lives around the world, empower individuals, and uphold the principles of democracy.

The various pathways to freedom that you will explore on this page may seem extremely different, but in reality they connect in more ways than one. Freedom of press and protest go hand in hand; they both allow people to express their views and fight for the rights of all. Without these so much injustice would go unnoticed in the world and vital tools of freedom would be lost. Similarly, citizenship is the obvious pathway to freedom. It gives all an opportunity at gaining citizenship into their place of choice, where a better life is available, and without this option, freedom would be a myth to many. Court cases are another pathway to freedom; past cases have shaped the lives of people today. There are various pathways to freedom, each as valuable and important as the next.