Choosing a Rental Dumpster in Cleveland for Spring Cleaning: Will it Spark Joy?

Dumpster Rental Cleveland

         It may seem cliché to make a Marie Kondo reference in 2019, but there is no doubt Netflix’s Tidying Up star has inspired thousands of Americans to reconsider the value of their possessions and whether they do indeed “spark joy.” On top of that, Spring is now upon us and with it, the onslaught of cleaning, rearranging, and ultimately throwing out large quantities of junk. It would appear most of us are used to the procedure of moving sizable amounts of stuff, just pack up the U-Haul and there you go. However, what about disposing considerable sums of items? That is where the magic of dumpster rental comes in. It is surprising how underutilized this resource is especially when it can truly optimize your spring cleaning process. Instead of hauling bag after bag of trash to the curb and hoping your local waste disposal service will pick it up, you can have the peace of mind that comes with having sturdy industrial grade equipment at your own home. Not to mention the ease in which you can now schedule drop off and pick up times to work around your busy schedule. Nevertheless, many people seem convinced that rental dumpsters are only for businesses or serious home renovation projects. Not so! In fact, they are more affordable and convenient than ever before.

Dumpster rental options in Cleveland

Cleveland, Ohio is home to several dumpster rental businesses. Dad’s Dumpster Rental in particular is a strong example of how dumpster rentals can be affordable, convenient, and community focused. Dad’s Dumpster offers dumpster rentals in Cleveland and was started by father and son (Keith Duncan and Keith Duncan Jr). For over ten years they have served the northeastern Ohio area, and provide a rental dumpsters for businesses, homes, construction, etc. They also have spring cleaning listed as one of their suggested uses of their service, so you know it’s a good choice! It’s important also when choosing a rental dumpster that one finds a provider who offers a variety of options for dumpsters in a streamlined way. You don’t need a dumpster designed for construction work when you’re only cleaning the house. For example, Dad’s Dumpsters provides a clearly laid out graphic of 3 different sizes of dumpster (10yrd, 15yrd, and 20yrd.) From the would-be marketer’s perspective this is superb in that it offers the customer choice, gives them something easy to memorize, but doesn’t overwhelm them with options. For our purposes only rent the 10yrd, unless you own a mansion, I doubt you will need any more than that. Dad’s themselves recommend this size for, “cleaning out your garage, attic or basement; redoing a small kitchen or bathroom; just doing a small roof; getting rid of a small deck; anything that is not going to yield an excessive amount of material to be disposed.”
Let’s get down to brass tacks, the one outstanding issue we haven’t talked about yet and what really is the determiner for whether to rent a dumpster is the price. People are often reasonably worried the cost of shipping a large metal container right to their house would be more than it’s worth. Thankfully you can all breathe a sigh of relief, as rental dumpsters in 2019 are rather affordable given the growth of the industry. Dad’s has a simple and direct pricing system. The 10yrd dumpster you are going to need for spring cleaning will run at about $215. Granted, that’s for a standard 3-day rental so it’s really $72/day when you break it down and for each additional day it’s only $10 more! When you factor in multiple trips to the dump or paying more to have your regular garbage disposal service carry the extra weight you’ll find the cost of a rental dumpster worth it. Convenience is also another hallmark of a reputable rental dumpster service. It is always smart to plan ahead and schedule a time and date with your provider, but if things turn south or you prefer your spring cleaning to be spontaneous then thankfully service providers such as Dad’s can make same-day delivery. To think just making a phone call and having industrial grade equipment shipped to your house then later picked up without lifting a finger! If this doesn’t spark joy for you then I implore you to reconsider your priorities in life.
Of course, I kid. It seems like we have covered all the objective markers you need to look for in order to find a quality dumpster rental for your next spring cleaning. However, what about the more personal and emotional aspects of a company? It is not superfluous to be an ethical consumer or want to source your spending locally. Even the name “Dad’s” brings up images of small-town honesty and a personal touch. In this day and age, one’s website is often the first customer-service representative one meets. It is vital to convey that sense of care and pride in one’s product even from something as impersonal as html code. Dad’s is smart in showing their local and family-owned origins right from the get go while still maintaining sleek and professional website design. What I personally found most interesting was that Dad’s Dumpsters even offers a scholarship for aspiring college students by requiring them to submit a proposal for their own business! It just goes to show that even the most mundane services are still services to one’s community and businesses should do their best to give back. I think it’s been made obvious what you should look for in a rental dumpster provider. Dad’s Dumpsters in Cleveland, Ohio clearly is a stellar example of the type of business you should be looking for. Happy spring cleaning and remember if it doesn’t spark joy then throw it out!

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