Sunny Day, Eh?

Today marks an official week of me living in New Zealand. There are times when I can’t believe its already been a week and other times where it definitely feels like it has been a full week. I was lucky enough to have my first week with a holiday, so it made the week a little bit lighter. I didn’t even plan that, but it was a nice week to begin. 

I haven’t done much outside of routine stuff since my last blog. My cooperating teacher and I have decided that I will teach weeks 3-6 and the other weeks we with co-teach for the sake of continuity for the students. I have had a few laughs with my students and am building relationships with them each day. I can’t say I have a favorite yet, but there are a few that make me smile every day. We made these really neat self-portaits using their silhouettes. I traced their silhouettes for them, and then they filled it in with pictures about them. Then, we cut them out and set them against black paper and connected them to a QR code of their voice recording explaining what they all mean. I love that Kate is able to give me pointers and ideas of how to use technology in the classroom, especially with the younger grades. I am really excited to start teaching in another week, and I already did some of the planning for what it will look like. 🙂 woo hoo

Another exciting part of the week was purchasing a subscription on Skype to call any US phone unlimited for $7/month. I have to be connected to wifi, but I have been able to call a few people. It has been great to be connected to those I love who are still at home. I know that I really wanted to go to Kenya, but I also believe there is a good reason God took that out of my plans and placed me here. I am a firm believer in “everything happens for a reason” and that goes for things that don’t happen, too. I am so grateful for being here and the host family that is so welcoming and great to me. 

I still miss everyone at home, but I am really loving it here. I was talking to my host mum about teaching in another country and how much I would love that, but I also want to be with my friends and family at home. It is always going to be a tough battle for me, since you all know how much I really love traveling and seeing the world. 

Happy Friday to those in the Western Hem 🙂