As we gear up for the final stretch of the semester (following Spring Break), we’re always on the lookout for new and fresh writing. It’s always astounding to me how much the students improve over the course of the year, and as such, it’s nearly impossible to showcase every student’s work the way we’d like to on the blog But we do our best. Check out some of the latest:

Rabbit” by Keith
Money Line: He form waves like jelly and soft like slush. / The wife falls down and turns to dust. / May the ground eat the roadkill so the blood will not dry.

The Lies I Tell” by Emily
Money Line: I go anywhere I want. / I can ride snow leopards in the Appalachian Mountains. / I can make skyscrapers appear from thin air.

SIlence” by Jammonica
Money Line: But, how are my roars louder than my silences? / My cries speak louder than my sins.

The Future” by Andre
Money Line: There will be no future. Everything will be over. Nobody would be left. The world will blow up. It would be taken over by cyborgs.

I Want to Tell You” by Elyzabeth
Money Line: You are too busy, / running from the tide to see the waves that want to kiss you like an ambulance. / The way you have been dying / for a long time