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Reference Services starting up

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By , August 26, 2008 8:12 am

Classes begin tomorrow (Wed., August 27) and so do On-Call Reference Services. This week we’ll just be working the desk from Noon to 5:00pm. If you’re scheduled for any part of 12:00-5:00 the rest of this week, please be available by phone and/or I.M.

The regular full Reference Desk and On-Call Schedule will begin next Tuesday, September 2, at 10:00am and the official schedule is on the Reference Desk Calendar on Outlook and on BUFiles at G:\Departments\Reference\FALL 2008 On-Call Schedule.xls.

We’ll work the process of requesting subs the same way as we did for working at the Desk. Just email the Reference Desk listserv ( and ask. Once someone has switched or taken your hours, please make sure that the Reference Desk Calendar (on Outlook) is updated for your shift, from something like “Scott” to something like “Brad for Scott.”

If you have any problems with the Reference Desk Calendar on Outlook (it’s one of the Public Calendars like our Personnel Calendar), please let Scott know.


Reference Desk Schedule

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By , August 13, 2008 10:10 am

Just wanted to clarify some dates and times for those of you involved with the Reference Desk.

We’ll plan on staffing the Reference Desk beginning on Wed., Aug. 27, the first day of classes. This will be only during the day at first, meaning 10am to 5pm. On-call librarians will be asked to begin their time slots that day, even though we can expect little to no need during the first week. This will allow us to provide assistance especially to new students who may need directions, computer assistance, etc.

Evening Reference hours will begin on Sunday, Aug. 31, with regular 10am – 10pm hours from then on.

Thanks for your help in providing excellent service to our students (and everyone else). 🙂

Naxos Problems

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By , July 30, 2008 3:40 pm

The Naxos Music Library is in the process of undergoing some changes. The primary change is that they will be using a new music player beginning sometime in September. This is instead of using the Windows Media Player within their website. This is a good change, but until that happens, we will be having some problems with Macs playing the music in Naxos. Browsing still works, but actually playing the music is a problem due to some technical issues.

To solve this problem, Naxos has set us up with our own login. If someone from Butler is on a Mac (whether on campus or off) and wants to listen to music from Naxos, they will have to follow these steps:

1. Download Flip4Mac, which is a plugin allowing QuickTime to play Windows Media Player files. It can be downloaded for free at
2. Go to and log in with Butler01 as the username and the password.
3. Use Naxos as you normally would. Music should now play properly. (Please let Scott Pfitzinger know if there are any problems at this point.)

A Duplex Hiccup

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By , July 28, 2008 9:46 am

We’ve uncovered a little hiccup with our new printers that I thought I should share.

It appears that when MS Words documents are opened as attachments in a web browser (example: files in Blackboard), they are printing duplex even when Internet Explorer’s print settings are set to print single sided. If single-sided printing is required, the current workaround is to save the document locally and open it in MS Word. The print settings can then be set to single-sided and they will work.

The Help Desk has been made aware of this problem and will be working on a solution.

Butler Libraries obtain Citation databases (Web of Science)

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By , July 25, 2008 4:39 pm

Butler Libraries has subscribed to the following Web of Science, Science Citation databases:

Science Citation Index
Social Sciences Citation Index
Arts & Humanities Citation Index

The Libraries obtained backfiles to 1999, and plans are to add more backfiles in future years.

The power of these databases resides in being able to track who is citing whom and how often articles are being cited, resulting in an article’s impact within a field.

To access these databases go to: and select ‘Databases’

For assistance in learning how to navigate these research databases, contact the Butler Libraries Reference Services:

Irwin Library:  940-9245
Science Library:  940-9401


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