Meeting Notes for Jan 28

Start of the meeting we played a name game to help get to know new members better.


Next we discussed Women’s History Month (March):

  • Looking at having an event having live music at where musicians play and have women discuss what it is like in the music business
  • Doing a profile for a women worker at the school
  • Irene Stevens meeting at Thursday at 4:15 pm in Atherton 302 or 307 to discuss Women’s History Month and suggest ideas
  • Women’s History walk through Jordan Hall (discuss next Monday)


February 13th at noon there is philosophy club meeting that Demia is invited to discuss violence against women where there will be a discussion over it.


February 14th from 12:45 to 1 pm One Million Rising is taking place on Butler’s Campus as a dance protest on the mall.

  •  Butler Percussion Ensemble playing during lunch
  •  If it rains, then we will still dance on the mall and have buckets to play instead of percussion group
  •  Chalk on campus if weather permits
  •  Make picket signs next meeting to encourage people to join in who don’t want to dance
  • Need to make fliers for One Billion Rising Dance Protest and also include Demia information to promote people coming to the meetings
  • Need to put up posters around campus next meeting (on the 4th and 11th)
  • We will be at Starbucks Feb. 11th and 12th to promote the event and have people sign the banner and pass out informational fliers.
  • Want the banner to say “One Billion Rising”
  • Start the banner next Monday or at Intersectionality Tea Time


Butler Intersectionali-Tea Time

  • This Thursday (1/31) at 9 pm at 451 W. 44th Street: help make the banner and practice dance moves for One Billion Rising.


We emailed professors and organizations about the One Billion Rising Dance Protest to gain support for the campus and community. EMAIL EVERYONE YOU KNOW!


Vagina Monologues

  • We want to try and have it two nights
  •  We are having difficulty finding a place to schedule where to actually hold Vagina Monologues
  •  Try to get the Riley Room, if possible (Colleen)
  • Possible places are the library and Jordan 141 as back ups


We signed a card for Valerie, a DC worker, whose Mom who passed away.


We need to try and write a grant to get more money for Demia.

  • We want megaphones (3), dunk tank, label maker, chocolate vaginas, office supplies, folders, paint, markers, picket sign materials, contraceptives, button makers
  • We need $200 for Mardi Gras


Founders Day: February 7th

  • Demia cutout with Ovid Butler