Meeting Notes from Feb 4

We started the meeting off making a conference call to people interested in making a documentary of Bei Bei Shuai. Demia members are going down to the prosecutor’s office downtown to recreate a form of the protest that was done last semester.


Members posted fliers for the One Billion Rising dance protest around buildings.


Members worked on signs and the banner for One Billion Rising.


Vagina Monologues:

  • Will be on April 12th and 13th
    • April 12th at 6:30 pm
    • April 13th at 8:30 pm


Mardi Gras:

  • We need to make a poster for Mardi Gras on Friday afternoon in the Diversity Center
  • It will be on February 12th at 5-8 pm in ResCo



Philosophy Club:

  • February 13th at noon in Jordon Hall TBA


Founders Day:

  • Starbucks 2 to 4 this Thursday


Stop by the DC this Friday afternoon to help us make some more picket signs! Even 20 minutes will help!