Meeting Notes from Sept 9

Ice breakers
SGA rep, Olivia
Historian, Molly

Discussion on main focus for Demia this semester:
-Syrian revolution awareness?
-Noris plaza and signing up to do demonstrations on campus?! Hell no!
> gather muchas personas and spread out all over campus and have posters on free speech?
> meet with Danko?
-sexual assault in the military
-transpolitics awareness
> bring these discussions in on the meeting level as well
> bring in a professor/speaker?
-work more with the Diversity Center
> slam poetry night with Black Student Union?

Office hours in the Diversity Center— Come visit 🙂

Changes with the sexual assault policies on campus
>Good sex starts with consent week
> continuous events on topic throughout the year with other groups, “Good Sex Series”
-sex positivity and enthusiastic consent
>kinky sex event??

IntersexualiTEA time!!
-first one at Kate’s house– survey monkey for the times, fill it out!

Vagina Monologues – 3/28
Student Secular Alliance–team up, go visit!

Public art projects??

Visit 🙂
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