Editing order of pages in navigation

  • Method 1
    • You can determine the order of pages in the main navigation by giving the page a numerical value in the Order box when editing a page
    • The first page is 0 and the numbering goes up from there
    • This is also the process for ordering sub-pages within the context menus.
  • Method 2
    • Activate the My Page Order plugin (See the Plugins and Widgets page for instructions on installing plugins)
    • Click on Pages in the Left Hand menu and then select My Page Order
    • Drag and Drop the pages into the order you want

Creating Custom Menus

  • Another option is to create a custom menu
  • From the Dashboard, click on Appearance in the left pane and then select Menus
  • Enter a menu name and then click Create Menu
  • Select the pages you wish to add and click Add to Menu
  • You can also add custom links to other web pages
  • Drag and drop the menu items to the order you wish them to show up
    • You can make nested menus by dragging an item slightly to the right of the menu item above it.
  • Once you have saved the menu, click the drop down menu under Primary Menu and select the name of the menu you just created and click save

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