Up and Up Portion Control Zip Lock Bags

Looking for a new way to portion control your snacks or other food items?

These awesome portion control zip lock bags were brought to our attention by a fellow Healthy Horizons participant. They are available from both Target’s Up and Up brand or Walmart’s Great Value brand.  Both brands offer a zip lock bag featuring 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and 1 cup measurements on the bag so you know exactly how much you are packing. Great for on the go snacks and portion control!

great value bag up and up bag

How to Saute Veggies

New to cooking?  Need a refresher? Looking to use a new ingredient?

Check out this instructional video from Cook Smarts on how to saute vegetables.  In this video demonstration, kale is used, however, a variety of vegetables taste great sauteed.

Like what you see?  Check out the awesome content over at cooksmarts.com.

A Tip From Pete the Planner: Monthly Check-Up

A Monthly Financial Check-up with Pete the Planner

osherov-3995-2When it comes to preventative health there are few things more important than getting your recommended screenings. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a screening for your financial health? There may not be an official screening but there is a way for you take stock of you financial health, it’s called ‘The Financial Fifth.’ On the fifth of each month, take 20 minutes to work on your finances. Those 20 minutes will be spent reviewing last month’s purchases and budgeting and planning for the coming month. The Financial Fifth is both proactive and preventative. If on the fifth of the month you determine that last month you over-spent on groceries, this month you will keep an eye on that spending category. Financial health can be just as important as your physical health so take time on the fifth of the month to give your money the attention it deserves.

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