Finding QuickGuides

Click any of the categories above (Moodle, Panopto, etc.) to see the Table of Contents for that category. You’ll see a list of subjects with individual QuickGuides therein. Each QuickGuide is numbered sequentially, so if you’re unfamiliar with a subject, you can go through the QuickGuides in order one-by-one to see how the entire process works.

If, on the other hand, there’s one particular QuickGuide you’re looking for, you can always use the Keyword Search tool in the upper right to find it.

Using QuickGuides

Every QuickGuide is designed to be brief, simple, and direct. They contain a short explanation of the topic, a step-by-step walk-through of the process, and relevant extra information, if any (e.g. examples, best practices, etc.). Any time the process requires you to click on or otherwise interact with something, you’ll see a screenshot of it right there in the instructions.

To the right of every QuickGuide, just below the Keyword Search tool, you’ll see a list of the other QuickGuides related to the topic you’re reading about. If you’re working through the subject guide-by-guide, this is an easy way to go ahead to the next guide or check back on a previous one.

Understanding the Icons

Some QuickGuides contain icons to draw your attention to a certain topic or piece of information.

InformationThis “i” icon indicates some in-depth information about a given topic or system. In some cases, you will be able to click Learn More in order to expand a section to show more information.

LightbulbThis light bulb icon indicates some ideas, best practices, examples, etc. The information can give you some new ideas about how a given module, technology, or resource might be creatively or constructively used.

TelevisionThis television icon is present when there is a video tutorial available on the subject of that particular guide, either from CAT or from Atomic Learning. Make sure to log in first to view Atomic Learning tutorials.

Printing QuickGuides

All QuickGuides are in a ready-to-print format if you should need a hard copy of any given guide. No need to find an in-page “print friendly” button: just press Ctrl+P (PC) or Cmd+P (Mac).