IFSA Student Experiences in Prague, Czech Republlic

Article by: Madison Burgett

One of the best parts about studying abroad is the fact that every person has a different experience. Even if students come from the same University, or if they’re studying in the same city, no two study abroad trips are the same. Below are the unique experiences of four IFSA students from their time studying abroad in Prague, Czech Republic during Spring 2021!

Erika Lu

“Students at Prague College held an art auction called Art for Australia to fundraise for Australian wildfire relief. I created four paintings to auction and volunteered at the event. It was an extraordinary experience for me because I’m a computer science major back at my home college, but I got to live the experience of being a fine arts student promoting and selling my work for charity.”

Madison Thomas

“Coming from a university back home that was not very diverse, it was amazing to meet people from all over the world. Specifically, I had a group project where we determined marketing techniques at a local Czech restaurant. It was a lot of fun getting to know new people while sharing a delicious meal. We all have different ideas or viewpoints that make a conversation interesting and unique. I will forever be grateful for the memories made through Prague College and their diverse culture.”

Andrew Gast

“Prague was a really eye opening experience for me personally. Jumping into a new city in a country that I did not know much about definitely pushed me to grow. I enjoyed taking a break from the regular routine of my life in America and picked up some healthy new habits like walking outside and appreciating my environment or meeting new people with a variety of backgrounds. Prague College pushed me to meet and work with a number of new people, and consistently kept me intrigued in lectures with new information. The professors were very willing to help on a personal level and this is something that carried over online, even with all the new challenges presented. I’m really satisfied with how much I learned in my short time in Prague and at Prague College, and I continue to see myself growing as a result.”

Kelly Kingston

“I have lived in the midwest my entire life, and although I have traveled a lot around the U.S. and once to Europe, I had no idea what to expect when I embarked on my semester-long study abroad journey to Prague. It was my first time in the Czech Republic and I was nervous due to the new language and unfamiliar culture. I knew that I would enjoy my time in Prague, but I did not expect to fall in love with the city as much as I did. What made my time there even more memorable was the experience I had at Prague College. The professors that I had were informative, cultured and respectful. All the assignments applied to something that I would have to complete in my future job, and because of that I felt that I received a relevant and applicable education. The class sessions were discussion based which made me feel as though my opinions and questions were valid because students were given the platform to talk just as much as the professor. Outside of the classroom I practically walked every block of the city and saw as much as I could. The city of Prague is easy to get around and there are endless sights and sounds to take in. I genuinely have never been happier than my time spent in Prague because it was such a humbling and breathtaking experience.”



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