eric and keith

A new batch of poems is up on the Exclusive Ink website, many of which are definitely being considered for publication in our print journal that will be out before the end of the semester. Although we’ve gotten to hear each student’s individual voice develop throughout this year, it’s been really impressive to see the shift in content and see evidence of refinement of their writing technique. Here’s a teaser of what’s to come.

“Water’s Symphony” by Kyla
Money Line: Soul soothing like a harp. Hypnotic like a violin. Extravagant like a cello. Prius like an organ. Rhythmic like a loved one’s heartbeat. Sweet like the bass drum in a dream.

“New York” by Fernando
Money Line: We didn’t have many toys so the street was our playground.

“Music” by Curtis
Money Line: Music is a part of me; without it I don’t exist. / It’s always by my side and in my head as I reminisce.

“Puzzled (Shattered)” by Keith
Money Line: Blood tackling the floor with a loud echo like / a jackhammer’s banging voice pierces his ear.

“Sleeping in the Slide Tunnel” by Paula
Money Line: What if they have nothing else / to cling to but the / rusted steel links that discolor / their sweaty palms?

Contributed by Luke Wortley