We’ve fallen a bit behind on posting these, but we’ve had so many submissions to the website from our students that it sometimes becomes hard to pick some lines that we think best reflect the work we’ve been producing together at Shortridge. This time is no different. With all the snow delays and closings, it appears that all of our students are writing on their own time, and writing a lot. And some of our brand-new students this semester are getting in on the action. Enjoy some excerpts from the first couple weeks of the Spring 2014 edition of Exclusive Ink:

“I Don’t Believe in Death” by Daizjha
Money Line: Spending time with the ones you love became a task and now you have to ask yourself why you let us bend.

“The Family Tree” by Kyla
Money Line: Fire in the eyes, and say your goodbyes. The scythe is swinging, you’re in for a reaping. The metal is hot, the warmth is sweet, forgive and forget or die and retreat.

“I See” by Quanzell
Money Line: I see a half-done hairline / I see a jar full of wine

“Concerto” by Paula
Money Line: All / caught up in my concerto / sweltering beneath stage lights / you don’t get to cheer at the end / It’s not your show anymore.

A New Word” by Zuri and Porche
Money Line: The / ballistic words sang in / a monotone voice, Neologism / comes into play as we / find a new word for / love.

“After ‘Train in the Snow’ by Claude Monet – 1875, Oil on Canvas” by Mickael
Money Line: The train looked like it was / going to run somebody over and / people were trying to get on it before / it leaves.