exclusive writingThrough our first month and a half at Shortridge, we’ve read a plethora of student poetry that deserves to be heard. Don’t forget to keep up with the online journal for Exclusive Ink. We recently updated the site with a ton of great work. Here are some of our favorites.

“Love-Induced Cardiac Arrest” by Isaiah
Money Line: Love, you stole my light. / Please let me gleam.  

“Questions for Science” by Katrina
Money Line: Are stars really worlds on fire? / Are we naked, clothed? / Are we speaking some weird language? / Are we stupid for wearing shoes?

“Life Is Like a Video Game” by Christopher
Money Line: Like a person playing me, wondering what’s next / Today. Put on shoes, running to the bus / stop like someone pressing A A A A A A A . . .

 “The Mysterious Rainbow” by Majestic
Money Line: This planet was crazy / for the days when the people were / unthankful and wished they were / dead with lots of money.