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One Thing Each Final Four Team Has That Butler Doesn’t


Texas Tech: No weak links

If there is one team left in the NCAA Tournament that has the fewest deficiencies, it’s Texas Tech. It’s true that no team is perfect, but how did we not see this Red Raiders team coming? While Virginia has possessed the most consistent defense over the years, Texas Tech’s the is the premier unit this season. Their 87.9 defensive rating is a whole two points better than the next closest team. With shooters like Matt Mooney and an NBA-ready prospect in Jarrett Culver, they also possess one of the most potent offenses in the Big 12. Length is just about as important as anything in college basketball, and they have it with the aforementioned Jarrett Culver and the 6’10” St. John’s grad-transfer Tariq Owens. All too often, Butler relied heavily on their offense, or heavily on their defense. It never seemed like the team could find the balance between making shots consistently and making stops on defense. It’s a simple thing, but Texas Tech does it better than almost any team in the country.

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