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Finley Bizjack brings Confidence to the Court



“I can’t remember a day where I haven’t played it.” Bizjack said.

First-year guard, Finley Bizjack, developed a love for basketball at a young age. This passion came from his mother who played collegiate basketball at San Diego State. Their shared love for the sport has created a strong bond within their relationship.

Originally from Texas, Bizjack chose Butler for its coaching staff, but now Hinkle feels like home. Head coach, Thad Matta strives to make this team a family as he values the importance of the Butler Way. Bizjack looks up to each one of his teammates. He jokingly said that he “hates” them, but the smile on his face said much more.

“I love all [of] them.” Bizjack said. “They all have different pieces of advice to give me and information that I have found very helpful but I wouldn’t say there’s one individual as much as the majority.”

While some may have a different opinion, Bizjack feels that he has adjusted well to this larger stage of competition. Throughout the season the Dawgs have played tough competitors, including a few top-25 teams. Bizjack has shown his ability to step up when the team needs him.

In the matchup against Creighton, Bizjack played a strong offensive game scoring eleven points, his second-best scoring game of the season. His three-point buzzer-beater at the half left the Bulldogs trailing only by four points. Bizjack said the team has shown they will not go down without a fight as they have shown their capability to turn any game around.

“I think it’s a lot of fun because whenever you start down like that there’s really no pressure and there’s only room to build off of with that.” Bizjack said. “I think Providence too we had a tough start but we also fight back because we have a great group of guys that are committed to fighting and doing the right thing down the stretch when we need them.”

After some upset wins against ranked #11 Marquette and #13 Creighton, he hopes the team can continue on this upward path. As the season progresses, Bizjack keeps his individual and team goals at the forefront.

“I think my personal goal goes with my team goal and that’s just to win every single game possible.” Bizjack said. “ I like to believe I’m a big winner and making winning plays and do whatever I can to contribute to winning and for the team I think it’s just to play as long as we can into March and hopefully leak into April.”