You may have noticed the slightly less frequent updates to the Writing In The Schools blog in recent weeks. This is due in large part to the launch of the Exclusive Ink online magazine, accessible at http://blogs.butler.edu/exclusiveink. Since the site went live at the end of February, and we introduced our Shortridge students to the submission process, we’ve received approximately 70 poems and short stories. The quantity and quality of the work has been astounding, and the time has come to share the fruits of our talented writers with a larger audience.

Please check the site regularly, as we’ve been processing and posting about 20 submissions per week on the new blog. In the coming weeks, we will start collecting the best submissions from the site to be published in our complementary Exclusive Ink print publication, which we hope to have out at the end of April.

Here are some of our favorite contributions so far:

“Bible Verse” by Isiah

“I Remember” by Alyssa

“Dropping Words, Educational Warfare” by Eric

“Painted Lies” by Paula

“Unstitching The Unseen” by Brandon

“My Grave” by Kat