Reference Team Meeting Minutes

By , September 19, 2007 1:56 pm

Reference Team Meeting
Sept. 19, 2007

Present:  Dan Roose, Sheri Stormes, Teresa Williams, Scott (the Pirate) Pfitzinger, Sally Neal, Renee Reed

Topics covered:

  • Head count for reference area – do we need to keep doing?
    Rachel Applegate studyGroup agreed to continue counting at the every half-hour – this helps with determining service hours.
    Sally N. will contact Rachel Applegate to inquire about where Rachel is at with her study, clarify what we are counting.
    For the time being (waiting for clarification from Rachel), count everyone in the east end of the building, including:
         Reference area
         Index area
         Reference music area
         119 (when open as a lab)
    Where to count printer issues within statistics – be sure to count these using the ‘Computer’ category.
  • Looking at statistics for 9:30 – 10:00 pm vs. 9:30 – 10:00 pm reference transactions
    Statistics confirm that we need to be here until 10:00.
  • Reference collection development – who oversees or is it a team effort?
    Dan reminded the group that it was agreed upon this past summer that liaisons would be responsible for reference collection development within their liaison areas.
    To handle interdisciplinary reference titles, librarians can add titles to the General Reference List in BIP.
    Sally N. will convene the Reference Team group a couple times a year to review the titles within the BIP General Reference List for purchase.
    Concerning non-print reference titles:
         Requests can come from individual librarians
         Will want to request trial – share this with librarians
         Lewis has to sign-off on for purchase
  • Using the blog to communicate helpful reference information that we want to keep
    If it would be helpful to have a record of it, write it up on the staff blog; if it is fleeting information like, the printer is broken tonight, an e-mail will do.
    Remember to categorize reference blog posts under “Reference” for easy browseability (it’s an ‘Advanced’ option within the blog editor).
  • How often to meet
    We will meet at least once a month in the fall, perhaps more infrequently in the spring semester.
    Concerning attendance, again, please know that all who work the desk are welcome and encouraged to attend, to be a part of our conversations and decisions; however, if you work few hours and have other pressing commitments, you can use your judgment concerning attendance.
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