Working with Emailed Files

By , November 28, 2007 10:39 am

A common method of working on papers is to email the document to yourself and then open it from your email. While this method does work, PLEASE NOTE that you cannot just click “Save” when you’ve opened an email attachment. That will only save the document in a TEMP folder which will disappear once you log off, meaning YOU WILL LOSE YOUR WORK.

If you are opening a document you sent yourself via email, PLEASE save it to BUFiles first and only then start working on it. That will ensure you don’t lose all the work you’ve done.

Better yet, simply work from BUFiles all the time. The only time you won’t have access is if you’re off campus, in which case we suggest using a USB Flash Drive. If you do choose to use email, remember that files opened directly from an email attachment will open via a TEMP folder and clicking “Save” will NOT save it the way you want.

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