Reference Printer Jams

By , January 28, 2008 2:36 pm

This is just a clarification of the error messages that the Reference Printers give us.

Paper Jam: Printer
means “underneath the toner cartridge”

Paper Jam: Duplexer means inside above the top paper tray.

For the first one, simply remove the entire toner cartridge and fuser. That is NOT the blue lever. Just lift the entire thing and it will all come out. Remove the paper jam and use the green arrows to line up the toner unit and replace it.

For the second one, you have to remove the top paper tray (#1). In the top of the paper tray cavity you’ll see a green tab. Pull that down to expose the paper that is stuck. Remove it, let go of the green tab, and replace the paper tray.

For ALL paper jams, they have GREEN tabs, levers, and arrows to help you know where to look. The BLUE lever in the top is only for removing empty toner cartridges. Please don’t use the blue lever when removing paper jams, since it doesn’t help and often results in toner leakage inside the printer and on the first batch of print jobs.

If you’re more of a visual person, Kyocera has a web page with step by step instructions and pictures for clearing each type of paper jam.

Hope that helps.

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