Public Logons for Laptops

By , June 13, 2008 3:15 pm

I am pleased to have found out that Information Resources is working on a Guest Wireless system that will allow anyone who comes on campus to get online wirelessly and without any hassle.

Until that system is purchased and implemented, we now have a login to provide people who come to the library from off campus and want to use their own laptops instead of one of our lab computers. People like this may be parents of students or people visiting the campus for other reasons, such as waiting for their children who are rehearsing with the Indianapolis Children’s Choir or that kind of thing.

Login: DawgLib
Pswd: butler08!

Eventually, there will be a system in place for us to change this password whenever we need, which may be weekly or biweekly or maybe after every time we give it out to someone. For now, we will stick with this one password. This information will be kept at the Reference Desk as well as on this blog.

More is needed before people can login, though. To connect to wireless, they’ll have to go through the same process that students do: and then go to and register. This last site scans their computer and registers their computer’s ID number on our system, which is what allows their computer to “talk” on the Butler network. Once they’ve done these things, they’ll be able to use the login and password we give them and get online.


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