Getting Usage Stats for your LibGuides

By , December 23, 2008 12:59 pm

If you would like to get usage statistics on individual LibGuides, you can do that from your MyAdmin page. You will get counts on how many times each page was visited and each link was clicked. This can help you determine which pages and links are the most effective (or preferred) based on student usage.

  1. Click Admin Sign In (top right corner) and go to your MyAdmin page.
  2. Click the tab Usage Statistics.
  3. Click Select Your Report and pick the Guide you want.
  4. Pick the Year (you’ll get the Jan.-Dec. stats).
  5. Display format is basically “on screen,” plain, and Excel format.
  6. Click on Run Report.

(And just so you know, this only counts “public access” usage, not Admin usage, so if you’re in Admin mode, nothing is being counted.)
There you go.

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