A New Excel Trick

By , April 9, 2009 4:01 pm

Our upgrades to Office 2007 should be arriving on our desktops either tomorrow or Monday.

To heighten the anticipation, here’s a cool new feature I just discovered in Excel 2007.

Now you can split a column into two columns, so it’s possible to, say, take a column that has first and last names and split the column into TWO columns, with first names in one and last names in the other.

Bring up the Data ribbon, select your column (it needs a blank column to the right of it), and click on “Text to Columns.” This takes the process that is used for converting .CSV or .TXT files to Excel files and applies it to your selection. You can set what characteristics cause the text to split (eg., comma, certain number of characters) and when you click Finish you’ll get the text split into two columns.

Pretty cool!

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