New Computers in Irwin

By , August 10, 2009 10:24 am

There are now computers available to students in every quad/section of Irwin Library. We’ve had to use the built-in wireless capabilities of the iMacs to install some of them, which meant removing all Macs from the Reference Lab area. The end result is six more computers available to library patrons in different parts of the building.

Current Summary:

Basement: 2 PCs and 2Macs
in the Education Commons, 1 Mac in the Rich Media Room, 2 PCs in the
General area (where the newspapers used to be)
Main Floor: 25
PCs in the main lab (1 with Scanner), 1 group workstation in the back
of the Reference Collection, 2 group workstations in the Collaborative Learning Spaces
2nd Floor: 1 PC in SE quad, 2 wireless Macs (1 usable as a group workstation) in SW quad, 1 PC & 1 wireless Mac (group workstation) in NW quad, 1 PC in NE quad
3rd Floor: 1 PC in NW quad, 1 wireless Mac in NE quad

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