Meeting Notes from Feb 18

We had an SGA representative, Katie Palmer, come in and talk to us about how she is running for president this year. You can read her platform and stances on things in SGA on the SGA website under the notes section. She wants to be more active than past SGA presidents have been and really wants to make meetings more accessible to people by having it on Panopto.

  • We discussed grants and if guidelines would be changing, like on the attendance policy.
  • She discussed changing the time of when SGA assembly will meet to allow more people to attend
  • She wants to open up more discussions and communications between organizations and have more people on the board be diversified from different clubs and houses/dorms.
  • Tomorrow in Starbucks from 5 to 6 pm there is a meet and greet to meet SGA representatives running for president.
  • There will be a debate in the Riley Room on Wednesday at 6:30 to 8:30 pm and questions can be asked.
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  • Email:



One Billion Rising:

  • We talked about the success of One Billion Rising and how positive everyone felt after participating in it.
  • We talked about how a music history class at Butler celebrated One Billion Rising and played a little parade around campus.
  • We are going to make a thank you note for the percussion ensemble so bring markers, paper, or whatever crafty you would like to help make the card.
  • We talked about creating a binder to document events we have planned and participated in.
    • Talk about what the plan was, how the turn out was, what we did, and how we felt about it.
    • Email Rachel,, about your reflections of One Billion Rising and any suggestions for next year to go in the binder.
    • We discussed making a video compilation also of events we have done


“That’s What She Said”:

  • We discussed writing a letter to PAWS about their event and being more inclusive in what was discussed for non-hetero couples.
  • Discussed the pros and cons of the event


Condom and dental dam crawl:

  • We talked about applying for more free condoms and dental dams to pass out around campus


Vagina Week will be during Peace Week:

  • Promoting female masturbation
  • Possibly do a Demia sex panel and talk about sex and have questions portion to it or have a round table about sex.
    • We could possibly do something like this on the Butler Beat


Wednesday at 7pm at the Pharmacy Building in 150 with Erica Meiners

  • There will also be a lunch with Erica Meiners on Thursday at 12:15 to 1:15. If interested email Brooke Beloso ASAP there is limited space.


Brown Bag Lunches hosted by two Demia members:

  • Kate Siegfried March 27 from 12:15 to 1:15
  • Colleen Quilty March 20 from 12:15 to 1:15


Women of Distinction nomination forms are due SOON!

  • Nominate a senior student, faculty and staff


We are planning on Friday March 29th at noon we are planning a dance for Women’s History Month to celebrate solidarity.


Thanks to all who helped for Mardi Gras and it went successfully.


Eating Disorder Awareness Week is next week…

  • There is a Facebook page for it
  • It is a body positive week!


Vagina Monologs:

  • April 13th


We are unable to get a grant this year because we didn’t meet the SGA requirements for a grant. This means we need to hold a fundraiser to try and raise money.

  • Fundraiser ideas:
    • “Auction off a Student” for a coffee or lunch meet up with professors or students. We would be reading off what the student has accomplished, is interested in, and is currently working on.



Roller Derby:

  • March 10th and April 5th as a possible group outing for Demia.


We need to take a group photo of all the Demia members to show a family picture of our group to add to the scrapbook.


We are a part of the Butler Yearbook this year.


We also are thinking about making a phone tree for Demia.


Keep being awesome everyone!