Meeting Notes from Feb 25

Monday February 25, 2013


We introduced ourselves and played a game at the start of the meeting.


We had a visitor today, Katie, to talk about the Climate Plan Council.

  • She discussed how the group tries to promote socializing and connecting to our environment.
  • The Climate Council is working sustainability, looking at many different projects, and coming up with creative ideas to connect more with the environment.
  • Butler University is planning on being carbon neutral as of 2050.
  • If you are interested email Katie at


Women’s History Month Dance Protest

  • It will be on March 21st
  • It is going to be called “Never be Silent”
  • It will be promoting people taking action and how people can stand up to take action to end silence. We will be honoring voices of the past, but also recognizing voices of today.
  • Ideas of bringing it to present:
    • Having workers be there
    • Possibly have a portion of it in Atherton
    • We are going to make some new picket signs from the One Billion Rising protest.
      • Have issues today we want to stand up for to put on the picket signs. Have ideas ready to put on the picket signs next meeting.
        • Example: ARMARK IS PATRIARCHY
        • The Monday after spring break we will be putting up flyers to advertise the dance protest.
        • We are also looking at having people dress up as their favorite feminists of the past
        • We are thinking of making up a chant for the event
          • If you have any ideas bring them to the meeting next week
          • We also need to make a Facebook event
          • We need to send the event to the Connection.


Wednesday before spring break at 11:50 we will be having a condom crawl


Vagina Monologs on April 13 at 7:30 in the Riley Room

  • We need to try and make it a Cultural Requirement.
  • Auditions are next week on Wednesday from 7 to 9 pm in the Diversity Center (Atherton Union).
  • We’re looking at going to other Vagina Monologs around Indianapolis to support other groups


Alliance is looking at having meetings in the Demia meeting room every other week right after Demia meetings at 9pm.


There is an International Dinner Friday night

  • Irene Stevens has free tickets and there will be an email sent out about it
  • Tickets are $10
  • The theme is Arab Spring


A recycling project is taking place in residence halls that is up-cycling and recycles different plastics like solo cups, shampoo bottles, etc.


We added our phone numbers to a list to start making our phone tree.


We discussed having a perforomist artist thing going on during Vagina Week.

  • Possibly watch a perforomist art documentary.




  • SGA is important! We need to try and attend all the meetings to keep our attendance up.
  • Vagina Monologs we need to back to the V-day page.
  • Blue sheets need to be filled out for locations to hold events. They are kept in the Pulse office.
  • We have a constitution for Demia and it gives a list of positions people should hold.