Meeting Notes from March 4

Women’s History Month Dance Protest: Never be Silent

  •  It will be on March 28th
  • We made new protest signs from the ones we used at One Billion Rising
  •  We will not have percussion ensemble this time
  •  So we are planning on forming our own drum circle with pots and make our own maracas

We brainstormed what we are pissed off about:

  •  Adjunctification of the university
  • Tokenization of our diversity
  •  Follow the money
  •  Never be silenced
  • If we don’t continue their work, then we aren’t honoring them.
  •  University’s sexual assault guideline
  • Policy vs. Guideline
  • Oppressors need to be educated

We discussed Craig Fischer winning the SGA presidency

  •  It has been heard his platform involves eliminating the money going to smaller organizations, like Demia.
  •  We plan on inviting him to Demia and telling him why this isn’t a good idea.
We may reach out to Men Against Sexual Violence and invite them to Internationali-TEA time to possibly have a joint meeting.