Meeting Notes from March 18

Monday March 18, 2013


This week is Colleen’s Brown Bag Lunch on Wednesday, March 20, from 12:15 to 1:15 in Jordan Hall (076?)

  • Colleen’s presentation will be about the lessons she has learned from Linda and about what she has learned from the last year and a half of her life
  • There will be free pizza


Kate’s Brown Bag Lunch is on Wednesday, March 27, from 12:15 to 1:15 in Jordan Hall (076?)

  • Will be discussing the Right Girl Movement and will be discussing punk-rock 90’s feminism


Tuesday March 26th 2:30 to 3:15 to meet with Accreditation Team

  • Email Hannah if you are interested!


We received a concerned email from a Demia member about how communication styles were a bit of butting heads. Here are some rules we want to consider:

  • If you speak often, step back and let other people have their say
  • Check your privilege, so make sure you are keeping intersectionality in mind and the people who are and aren’t in the room
  • Don’t interrupt or speak over other people
  • Allow a marginalized group its agency
  • Give someone a chance to explain their views and see where someone is coming from

*****If there are any more concerns please email Hannah or Kate Langdon****


Dance Protest next Thursday 28th at 12:30 to 1:15 pm

  • Our theme for the protest will be Activism!
    • We will be honoring past activists and what we want to see activism for
    • Next meeting we will be making posters! Bring any spare poster board you have
    • We will also be making a banner to help show a unified message
      • Ideas for slogans: “Never be Silent: Celebrating Activism”
      • If you have any ideas feel free to share them at the next meeting!
      • If you are interested in making the box for the “Box Campaign”
        • The box will be a grievance box of what we feel needs change and what activism we want to see towards those complaints
        • Bring pots, pans, maracas, drums, etc. for the dance protest to make some noise and music for everyone to dance to




We talked about the Steubenville and how the media covered the rape that happened there.

  • We then discussed about doing a rape culture discussions and/or events on campus and in Demia


Coming up!

  • April 6 at 2 pm: Rally outside of the City-County Building to advocate on behalf of Bei Bei Shuai
  • March 27 at 7 to 8 (the location will be announced soon): Lynn Paltrow will be giving a Women’s History Month talk titled: “Indiana and the New Jane Crow: The Prosecution of Bei Bei Shuai”