Meeting Notes Jan 27

Demia Minutes for January 27, 2014

We started the meeting off with an icebreaker introduction game to introduce the new members with the old ones.


Block Party:

  • 5-830 pm. is when people are needed and the shift are per half hour to hour.
  • It will be in the Riley Room in Atherton Union.
  • It’s a pretty low-key event and just need people to man the booth and hand out free condoms.

***If you’re interested in signing up there is a Google document



  • Zoe will be sending out an email on the listserv letting everyone know what is going on and a bunch of cool events to check out.


Vagina Monologues:

  • This year we are going to try and do something different and call it “Vagina Monologues: Hashtag Turn it Up.
    • We will be doing our own style of Vag Mon and trying to incorporate our own monologs to have in the show
    • This year we are also looking at combining it with some people in the Deaf community and have ASL aspects

It will be on April 3 and 5 at 7:30pm on Eidson-Duckwall Recital Hall in Robertson Hall.

Zoe will be trying to formulate something to add monologues you are interested in doing that will be sent out in the list serv.

  • Demia Execs will be figuring out a deadline to send these in by.



  • We briefly discussed HJR-3 and what Demia members’ feelings were about it.
  • Check out the article



  • Soon we will be holding an election to determine Exec board members
  • We personally have set up the exec board as a very open and it is not a strict job and anyone is allowed to come to exec board meetings.


***Every other Thursdays at 8:30pm at Starbucks are exec board meetings


Internationali-TEA Time:

  • It is an outside Demia hangout to chill and hangout in a less formal setting to get to know members better and to bring everyone’s intersectionality to different topics that are on peoples’ minds.
  • They also occur on the alternate Thursdays of exec meetings and will generally happen at a member’s house. Check out the facebook group for the location to be posted. If you’re not in the facebook group, email and she’ll put you in it.


If you’re passionate about something going on let someone on the exec board know so a meeting can be designated to a discussion centered on that.


Women’s History Month:

  • March 31st: an erotic crafts will be going on.
  • *** More events will be posted


A lot of questions have been asked about free speech policy that has been established on Butler’s campus.

  • This includes handing out flyers, chalking, and posting opinions on boards without being in the designated free speech area.
  • Butler did not openly tell this to everyone so many students and faculty were unaware of this happening.
  • Butler has designated one area for free speech for where they are wanting activism happening
  • If you want to know more about this or are also interested in this contact Kate Siegfried or Colleen Quinty.



  • Exists to highlight issues students want to talk about.
  • The deadline for this times issue is Saturday the 31st.
    • Posts need a first step or a possible solution to problems being posted.
    • If you’re interested their Twitter is: @FireBranders, Email:, and Tumblr: