Meeting Notes from Feb 24

Minutes for Monday February 24, 2014


Mardi Gras:

  • Sign ups will be sent out soon in a Google Doc through the list serv for people to sign up.
  • We need people to help serve food and clean up.
  • Possibly on March 4 at ResCo


Brown Bag Lunches:

  • Katie Burns Thursday March 6th at 12-1pm in JH076
    • Over the unionization of Butler’s food service workers from her personal experiences being a volunteer student organizer
    • Reid Bruner Tuesday March 25th at 12-1pm in JH186
      • Looking at the various representations of Shakespeare’s Ophelia and how it promotes and deconstructs the male gaze.
      • Donald Bradley Thursday March 27th at 12-1pm in JH186
        • Focusing on women who combated exclusionary gender norms in music by examining performance and reception of US women’s symphonies of the early to mid 20th century.


Vagina Monologue auditions:

  • Next Tuesday at 8:30 in the Diversity Center Reid and Rachel will be there for auditions.
  • We will be sending out a script on the list serv. So look at them and pick one that looks good that you would like to read aloud for us.
  • If you are writing your own original monologue as well, you are more than welcome to read it as well.
    • This can include articles or speeches that you think fits the theme or pushes it in a new direction you’d like to see, please send an email of it to Reid or Rachel.
    • April 3 and 5 will be when we have the Vag Mon performances


Kyle met with President Danko today and presented a questionnaire and brought up issues that Butler needs to think about and see if they’re being a LGBTQ friendly campus. It is called the campus pride index.

  • Help open up a dialogue of what changes we need
  • If interested in these issues contact Kyle:


Colleen brought up how the libertarian party at Butler is holding an event that is talking about how minimum wage is not good for poor people. If you are interested in talking about why this is problematic and why minimum wage is important to people, then please get involved and join the discussion.



  • We need an SGA representative for Demia!
    • If you are younger we would love to have you do this so you can continue on this position next year
    • Meetings happen Wednesdays at 4:30pm