Meeting Notes from Feb 10

Minutes from Monday February 10th

Pre Meeting:

  • Elections:
    • Possibly looking at having more first and second year students on exec
    • Need to emphasize how Demia can only survive if people keep stepping up
    • Regardless of exec, having more active participation in membership


  • Meetings:
    • Find out what people want Demia to be and what feminism means to them
    • Need to be more active and have something that we are doing at the meetings so we feel like we accomplish something every meeting
    • Have more structure
    • Possibly have reminder emails about topics we’ll be covering each meeting to get people more interested and want to show up to be a part of it
      • Look for someone to start doing this on a weekly basis for Demia


  • Ideas for todays meeting:
    • Go over things we’ve done before
    • What do you want to do this year?
    • What is feminism to you? And how does it connect to your life?





We started the meeting going of saying names and to think about what brought you to Demia and what you want Demia to be.

  • What some people wanted:
    • Making feminism a more positive word on campus
    • A community of like minded supportive people
    • Making my politics something active
    • A place for people to be able to be open and speak their minds
    • More dialogue
    • Space to learn feminism hands on and apply it

***A lot of people talked about wanting to make Demia more active and to do more things***

  • What do you want to do:
    • Putting more effort into how we distribute and get Firebrand and having more people write and contribute to it. Think about writing or producing art that doesn’t judge your readers, but approach your topics with an open mind
      • Firebrand is a social justice publication that focuses on how these social justice issues are impacting Butler and the world as a whole
      • If you are interested contact Luke about it! Send emails to
  • Class issues at Butler University
    • Butler talks a lot about diversity, but there is a real lack of it.
    • Amount of students that look at things and don’t realize problematic things on campus.
      • Possibly using art as a way to do this with an art campaign
  • Freshman 15 posters
    • Make a similar poster over or beside it that is more body positive on campus
    • Shifting focus from concentrating on body weight to being healthy in all aspects of life
    • Zoe will contact people
    • Kimbra is going to look up ideas of things to start the campaign for body positivity on Butler’s campus


We will have an Intersectionali-TEA time sometime this week so check Facebook and your emails


GWSS Luncheon will be in the student lounge (across from room 342) on the third floor of Jordan from 11:30 to 1 on Thursday.


Wednesday there is Taste of Diversity in the Riley Room from 5 to 7 in support of Help Heal Haiti.


There is a composer orchestra concert at in Schrott Center. Ask Luke for more details his email is