Meeting Notes from April 7

Demia Minutes Monday April 7



Vagina Monologues:

  • Reflections
    • Great, excited, and empowered
    • It made me rethink about vaginas
    • Radical
    • Things to do better
      • Hard to hear at times (have a microphone next year)
      • Find seating options for the cast so they can watch as well
        • Maybe standing against wall, sitting behind the speaker(s)
  • More original monologues and articles added to the show
    • Have a time set in the fall semester to get ideas flowing ahead of time and bring in a wider variety of voices
  • Better communication
    • Reach out more for auditions so more people can audition and participate in the show
    • Advertising it more and start a Facebook group sooner
  • Have one person give the introduction next year instead of giving it in tandem.
  • Try to have a rehearsal on the actual stage