Meeting Notes From 9/15

Demia Meeting Notes: Sept. 15

  • establishing a brave space: inclusive language, no marginalization, respect, help each other learn and grow in feminism, comfortable in asking questions, personal testimonies stay here
  • expectations: better self in knowledge
  • committees
  • Take Back the Fight: Oct. 3rd 6-10pm, candlelit walk + convos on changing campus rape culture, facilitating faculty but run by students, free structure with back-up questions, activity to walk the line, longer route for more presence, mattress for solidarity for student @ Colombia University, food!
  • Pair with Sigma Alpha Rho: self-defense class to be a badass!!!! Nov. 11th
  • Visit with a politician soon
  • Watching a video
  • Intersectionality this weekend!

Hope to see you all next week!

~ Demia