How many Jews are at Butler?

Butler is a small campus and with about 2%-3% Jewish population – we are a close-knit group!  We are part of the Small and Mighty Soref Initiative, which enables our students to celebrate Jewish life on campus with a modest Jewish population. Being small affords us a more personal experience with our members, as well as providing many leadership opportunities.

How do I join Hillel?

We welcome anyone and everyone who wants to get involved or are interested in attending events. Looking to get involved? Check us out on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.  To join our Hillel listserv for weekly updates and reminders, send an e-mail to buhillel@butler.edu.

How religious do I have to be to be in Hillel?

As religious as you want to be!  Our relgious services and celebrations are informal and inclusive – we welcome anyone and everyone! If you want to attend services at a synagogue nearby, please contact our VP of Religious Affairs with your request. Students attend High holiday services together at local synagogues, and transportation is provided.  We celebrate Sukkot in our beautiful sukkah in the middle of campus, providing fun activities throughout the week.  Our Pesach seder is held on campus annually.  We can arrange for home hospitality with a local family for any occasion.

What kinds of activities does Hillel do throughout the year?

We are a social bunch!  On-going activities include monthly Shabbat services and dinner, Sukkot celebrations such as “Pizza in the Hut” and “Hookah in the Sukkah”, bagel brunches, and an annual Pesach seder.  Past events include bowling, Pacers game outings, game nights, challah baking and much, much more! We like to engage in social action as a group.  Some past initiatives have included cooking and serving meals for the women of “Dress for Success“, coordinating and hosting a Gift of Life Bone Marrow Registry on campus and in the Jewish community, raising funds for various not-for-profit organizations, and volunteering at a local food bank. To check out upcoming opportunities to participate,  please visit our Calendar and Events page.

How do I get involved in Hillel at BU?

The easiest thing to do is to come to any event.  We have weekly meetings which are held on Mondays at 7:30 pm at the Center of Faith and Vocation (“The Blue House”).  Also, feel free to contact any of the board member who are always happy to help you find a way to get involved!

Does BU Hillel have their own building?

Most of our events and meetings are held in the Center for Faith and Vocation, aka “The Blue House”. We share this space with other religious organizations on campus. This has allowed us to take advantage of a unique opportunity to interact with students from various spiritual and religious traditions.

The Blue House is located on 4615 Sunset Avenue.  Please contact us if you are interested in stopping by during orientation or campus visit.

I’m thinking of attending Butler. Can I get a tour with Hillel?

Absolutely! Contact our faculty adviser or president to arrange a tour from one of the board members. We’d be more than glad to give you a first hand tour of Butler and Hillel!

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