Panopto 3.0 Announced

Building on the robust functionality of its core video capture platform, Panopto Focus 3.0 introduces a range of new features that increase the usability of editing and searching content. These new features empower users to edit recordings online from any computer and search recordings even more rapidly, using Panopto’s new streamlined Web management interface.  Butler University will be evaluating the new version of Panopto 3.0 Focus during the Fall semester with plans to implement it in for the Spring 2011 semester.

Butler University is using Panopto CourseCast  to capture audio and video in the classroom.  This technology provides an easy way to record audio/video and computer screens for playback at a later time.  Several classrooms in Jordan Hall, Fairbanks and the Pharmacy building have been equipped with special video cameras and the Panopto software. For a complete list of Panopto capable classrooms see the list on our Resources page.  Faculty who teach in these rooms have the capability to record their classes and make them available to students at anytime.   Any computer with the Panopto Recorder software installed and a mic can be used to record learning objects by capturing your computer screen while you narrate the activity you are demonstrating.

For more information about the pedagogical use of Panopto in small room and classroom capture on campus, please contact Instructional Technology (x8575 or panopto@butler.edu).  For more information on how use Panopto to record and playback recorded sessions check out the Panopto Resources web page.