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Ball is Life for Adam Owens



Junior Adam Owens first fell in love with basketball while watching Butler games with his dad as a four-year-old. His father, Craig Owens, was a member of the men’s tennis team at Butler from 1985-88.

Owens received Division III offers to play basketball during his senior year at Lakewood Park Christian High School in Auburn, Indiana, but decided to follow in his father’s footsteps. He wanted to come to Butler.

During the summer before coming to Butler, he contacted Brandon Crone, the director of basketball operations. Owens scheduled a meeting to discuss becoming a manager for this program.

His dream came true.

Owens said the Butler men’s basketball program is a tight-knit group. This year, a mix of 12 athletes and 12 managers have worked throughout the summer and fall of this year leading up to the team’s first game against Kennesaw State on Nov. 10.

“We go from drill to drill, we don’t really have a lot of downtime. Us managers typically get to Hinkle an hour before practice,” he said. “The phrase ‘family’ is thrown around a lot. It doesn’t matter what day it is, there is always a lot of energy.”