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Growing up as Jaden Bertuzzi


Jaden Bertuzzi is a Freshman lacrosse player on Butler’s second season lacrosse team. Although she came from a hockey family, she came to Butler to follow her love of lacrosse and her own dreams.

Taryn: Where is your hometown?

Jaden: Birmingham, Michigan. It is a suburb just south of Detroit and is about a five-hour drive from campus. I was actually born in Canada though.

Taryn: Describe your hometown with three adjectives

Jaden: Cold, pretty, and fun.

Taryn: How did you get into playing lacrosse?

Jaden: I started playing lacrosse in sixth grade. One of my best friends was going to try out for our lacrosse team and wanted me to try out with her. I just fell in love with the sport from there.

Taryn: How did you end up at Butler?

Jaden: I was looking around at different schools with lacrosse programs and I found Butler. My high school coach knows the coach here at Butler, so it was a good transition.

Taryn: Has it ever been hard/awkward for you to be Todd Bertuzzi’s daughter?

Jaden: Not really. When my brother and I played hockey, yeah people would say stuff to us. When we lived in Detroit, people would come up to us in restaurants to say hi to my dad or shake his hand and stuff.

Taryn: Does the same thing happen on campus? People recognize your name and then make comments or ask questions?

Jaden: Actually no! Nobody at school really says anything about my dad. The guys across the hall from me love my dad, but that’s really all anyone says. Let’s see if I’ll hear anything about it on the lacrosse field.

Taryn: Are you excited for how the team is shaping up this season?

Jaden: Yeah! Since last year was the first year, the team was just trying to prove their worth but this year, now that we have so many new girls on the team, we are playing to win. Everyone is ready to compete this year and we want to show everyone why we deserve to have a team.