Each One, Reach One

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 Transforming Education –   Our “Each One, Reach One”      Campaign for Great Teachers


It is college enrollment season.  A time when high school seniors are anxiously trying to decide which box to check under “major” for their college applications…

Do you know a great student -in your class, in your family, [...]

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Finding a Safe Harbor

“You must find a safe harbor. Find a place where you can bring your ship in to rest,for you to eat, sleep, and renew so that you may re-launch your ship into the sea knowing in your heart and mind that others are struggling with the [...]

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The Work of Creating Culture

Dear Friends,

“Happiness is not just a mood—it’s a work ethic.”
—Shawn Achor

Earlier this month we welcomed author and researcher Dr. Kathy Cramer to campus as she launched her new book Lead Positive. Dr. Cramer’s work in Asset-Based Thinking has been the cornerstone of our work in [...]

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Are Standardized Tests the Super Bowl of Education?

Dear Friends,

I, like many, have a great deal of respect for Peyton Manning. He has achieved much as a football player and has shared his success with others, including his tremendous support for a Central Indiana children’s hospital.

While he is [...]

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On Being a Lab School Teacher

On February 26, 2014 By

Editor’s Note: The IPS/Butler Lab School will soon start the hiring process for the 2014–2015 school year. There are several opportunities available, and we are actively seeking both new and experienced teachers who are ready to be part of this dynamic education community. The school is inspired by the [...]

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A free film showing and discussion of REJECT is scheduled Wednesday, January 15, at 3 p.m. in Butler University’s Howard L. Schrott Center for the Arts.

Acclaimed at the Indianapolis Heartland Film Festival and the Cleveland Film Festival, the 90-minute documentary follows real stories of youths facing social rejection and responding with violence. It [...]

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It’s Time to Start Acting like Children

Have you noticed that during times of political turmoil, a common chastising comment to leaders on both sides of the aisle to “Stop acting like children!”?

What an insult to our children.

In fact, rather than framing the behavior as childish, [...]

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Be the Designers Students Deserve

“We may not all be Dali or Degas. But today we must all be designers.”

— Daniel Pink, A Whole New Mind
At the Butler Homecoming this month, it was wonderful to see so many alumni return and reconnect with members of the College of [...]

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