Public Services Meeting Minutes

By , October 3, 2007 9:35 am

Public Services Meeting
October 2, 2007

Using Meebo to handle Instant Messaging at the Reference Desk

  • Please be aware that students, faculty, and staff can go to the Ask a Librarian  page to instantly chat with the Reference Desk – end users do not need a specific IM account.  
  • There is a learning curve with using Meebo on the Reference Desk staff side.  Here are some tips:

Pay attention to the tab that you are in; if you want to click on the “quick tabs” such as BU mail, for example, you need to be in a tab other then the Meebo tab.

To avoid opening up multiple Meebo pages, do not click on the traditional “home” picture button to go to the Library’s homepage.  Scott has created a ‘home’ quick tab that will always take you to the Library’s homepage (not open another Meebo page).

Work with Scott if you need assistance with using this or are experiencing problems; Scott is also trying to tweak things to make this work more seamlessly.


As a point of clarification, while all are welcome to experiment with creating LibGuide pages, our vision in using this tool, at first, is to move over the Subject Guides.  While a unit or service area may want to eventually create a LibGuide (ex. ILL), our first foray into this is with the Subject Guides.  

There is now a Reference Calendar under Public Folders in Outlook.  If you are subbing for someone, please indicate it there.  This calendar also provides the opportunity to utilize Group Schedules better.


Donor luncheon is Oct. 15
Sally N. is attending INCOLSA circ. Training Oct. 3
Fall break is coming up; we discussed reduced hours; questioned whether Emily needs to work Wednesday evening (Sally N. will talk to Lewis about)
Sally N. noted that as we start with these PS meetings, she is cognizant that some topics lend themselves more to circ. or reference; she will try to be aware of this and place the topics in the appropriate meetings (reference meetings, PS meetings, etc.); however, there will be times when this demarcation is difficult.

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