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By , October 1, 2007 9:25 am

Hi there. I’ve
created a new Public Calendar in the Library folder, called Reference Desk. It’s
in the same place as the Library Schedule and Personnel Calendar. All librarians
should be able to add entries and edit existing ones, which is the primary
function here.

The reason
we’ve got this calendar is so that we can more easily plan meetings and track
subs. Sally is another of our librarians who likes to use the Outlook calendar
to schedule meetings and by having the Reference Desk calendar listing who’s
working the desk, it’s easier to see if someone’s free.

If you
cannot work a shift and you have gotten a sub, please edit that shift’s entry
on the calendar and replace your name with your sub’s name. Be sure to edit
JUST THE OCCURRENCE, not the SERIES. Unless they’re subbing for you on that
shift for the rest of the semester. 🙂

If you have
any questions or problems using this calendar, please let me know.


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